Air Duct Cleaning

Get Air Duct Cleaning | (214) 878-8062Why is air duct cleaning necessary?  Performance for once thing. If your ducts are clean, your air conditioning doesn’t have to work as hard.  An air filter will only work so far.  Another good reason to get air duct cleaning done is to improve the air quality of your home.

Air duct cleaning companies  improve air quality by removing dust, pollen and other allergens.  Some people consider cleaning the ducts themselves, but without professional equipment, the cleaning will not be as thorough.

When is air duct cleaning necessary?  Watch for allergy symptoms.  If one or more people in the building are experiencing unexplained allergic symptoms that’s a red flag right there.  Another way to tell is if you smell a musty odor, particularly when the A/C is running.

Several different conditions may require you to do air duct cleaning.  If you can see mold growth, a lot of dust or debris, or anything that slows the flow of air, you probably need it.

You will definitely need a good cleaning of your ducts if there are any signs of vermin such as rats or roaches.  Please be aware however, that if that happens, you’re going to need a pest control company too.

When you’re looking for a duct cleaning company, know what they can and can’t do.  Any mold or contamination in the insulation is generally not covered, only within the ducts themselves.  There are several different specialized cleaning methods that we use, from a simple vacuum job to chemical treatments.  With any type of cleaning, its a good idea to dust your home thoroughly to make sure that dust hasn’t settled on any furniture or other surfaces.

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